Cauze: Charitable Giving
Join Giving Tuesday with NPH USA! on Cauze
This year, for Giving Tuesday on December 1st, NPH is focusing on nutrition for our NPH family! Improving the children’s health and keeping them healthy is a priority of NPH. Children who are sick or malnourished are less likely to learn, grow, advance developmentally or succeed in school. Each NPH home grows fruit and vegetables, and some raise cattle, poultry and even fish. The global economic crisis has impacted funding at the same time that food prices have dramatically increased. Our homes struggle to continue to provide the children with the nutritious meals that are vital to their growth and development. By maximizing resources, the homes are able to feed each child for less than $2.50 per day. However, including staff and volunteers, it costs over $3 million per year to feed everyone. Your gift can help provide life-saving nourishment to our children, allowing them to grow into healthy and productive adults. Here is a closer look at what your gift to NPH can provide: $10 = 40 cans of tuna fish $20 = a 50-pound bag if rice $50 = meals and snacks for 20 children for a day $100 = 200 pounds of beans $500 = milk for 52 children for a month $1,000 = food for one child for a year $2,500 = 1,000 children fed for one day $5,000 = Beans for 331 children for one year
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